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George Washington 1776 Lodge #337, F. & A.M., Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

Being Made a Mason

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Being Made a Mason
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We are always looking for good men who seek to become even better men by being made a Mason.   Like the craft of being a stone mason, a man moves up by degrees, starting from an Entered Aprentice, up to a journeyman which we call Fellowcraft, finally to becoming a Master Mason.  Among Freemasons, we tend to say that if you want to become a Mason, you must ask one to be one.
How Can You Join?

A person seeking to be made a Mason, can request a petition.  The members will send a small investigating committee to meet with you after you complete a petition.  The lodge seeks new members.

Who Can Join?

Men who are of at least 18 years old.  Masonry is not a religion, but we do start meetings with a prayer.  It is necessary that a member have a belief in Deity.  Members come from all religions: Christian, Jewish, Islam, and others. 

Benefits of Joining

Members are called brothers, because we seek to act in harmony and brotherhood in all we do.  We form life-long friendships as we learn to improve ourselves in morality, truth, and friendship.